Stamp Collection

Postage Stamps of the United States, Topical Mermaid Collection, and One For Every Country


This web site documents the philosophy and contents of my U.S. stamp collection, plus my Topical collection of Mermaid stamps, and my One From Every Country collection. All of the pages of my stamp albums have been scanned, with the exception of a few personal items in the back of the last Beyond BOB album and the USPS Yearbooks (2015 to present), so if there is a particular page you want to see, simply click on the thumbnail for a full page view.

The Miscellaneous section provides links to certificates of authenticity and other info.


Booklet stamps are much more difficult to identify than coils because they don't always get a major Scott number. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they have a booklet ID number, sometimes they don't. Throw in makeshift booklets and you have a mess!

Generally booklet panes are shown through the Liberty Series (1036a). Beginning with Prominent American Series, singles are shown for single issues and complete booklet panes are shown for se-tenant issues. For self-adhesive booklets, the entire booklet is displayed for se-tenant issues. There were a few curveballs, like when there were two different panes in the same booklet (e.g. page 377a in the Commemorative album), or one booklet had a stamp turned sideways (e.g. page 50 in the Regular Issue album), or there was more than one format of a booklet issued (e.g. pages 552 and 553 in the Commemorative album). In the modern self-adhesive booklets, it was sometimes difficult to determine when two similar panes were substantially different. If there were an ATM booklet, a vending booklet, and a fold-it-yourself booklet issued, all 3 would be shown.

Coin Collection

Although my primary interest is philately, and I do consider myself a philatelist, when it comes to coins I am simply a collector. See my U.S. coin collection, which also includes a One From Every County collection.

The top shelves are my coin collection.
The bottom shelves are my stamp collection.